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Absolut Bank was awarded a diploma of the Association of Banks of Russia

June 05, 2023

Absolut Bank was awarded with the Honorary Diploma of the Association of Banks of Russia on the occasion of the Bank's 30th anniversary for active participation in the activities of the Association of Banks of Russia and efficient banking business. The ceremony of awarding the bank's representatives took place within the framework of the 5th Congress of the Association of Banks of Russia.

Absolut Bank actively participates in the working groups of the Association of Banks of Russia on issues relevant to the banking community. The Association notes Absolut Bank as a progressive bank, one of the leaders of the financial sector digitalization.

Absolut Bank opened its first office in the Far East

June 02, 2023

Absolut Bank opened the Vladivostok office at 9B Russkaya Street, Vladivostok. The representative office in the Far East expanded the geography of Absolut Bank's presence to 22 regions.

In the new office Absolut Bank will serve corporate clients - representatives of large, medium and small businesses. The bank has already built up experience in working with the companies of the Far Eastern Federal District, and the new office will allow the bank to serve its existing and potential clients more operatively.

Today Absolut Bank offers a wide range of modern products and services to solve operational and strategic tasks: cash and settlement services, factoring, bank support, contract financing, online bank guarantees, lending. In addition, the Bank is distinguished by its unique industry expertise, which allows it to offer customized solutions for clients in the Far East.

Absolut Bank won the Grand Prix in the nomination "Digital Platform of the Year"

April 27, 2023

Absolut Bank received the Grand Prix in the nomination "Digital Platform of the Year" in the category of financial services for the development of the digital platform "A.Finance" of the CDO/CDTO Awards 2023. The award ceremony was held at the IV Russian Digital Transformation of Organizations CDO/CDTO Summit & Awards 2023 and the Russian Technology Forum TECH Forum & Awards 2023.

The award and summit are organized by the Higher School of Economics and LBS International Conferences.

The CDO/CDTO Awards 2023 are awarded to organizations with the greatest successes in digital transformation, as well as to digitalization leaders.

The A.Finance platform is the bank's own development, on the basis of which digital products such as bank guarantees for government and commercial contracts and factoring were deployed. The platform was developed using modern technological solutions, including cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc., which made the product flexible and scalable, with the ability to connect a wide range of partners.

"Expert RA" upgraded the credit rating of Absolut Bank by two notches at once to ruA-, outlook - stable

April 18, 2023

Expert RA rating agency raised the credit rating of Absolut Bank (PJSC) to ruA-, with stable outlook. Previously, the bank had a ruBBB rating with a stable outlook.

Analysts of the agency explained that the increase in the rating of Absolut Bank by two notches at once was due to a significant strengthening of the capital position of the credit organization on the background of the growth of the efficiency of its activities. In addition, the rating was positively affected by the non-realization of the stress scenario, which was included in the previous update against the background of unprecedented pressure on the banking sector. The rating of the credit organization reflects moderately high market positions, stable liquidity positions, as well as satisfactory quality of assets and level of corporate governance.

"A noticeable increase in the rating of Absolut Bank today is an obvious indicator for our partners and clients," commented Aslan Shogenov, Chairman of the Management Board of Absolut Bank. - We systematically and consistently continue to work to ensure that the bank's efficiency and profitability are constantly improving, the stable outlook of Expert RA analysts confirms our development".

Absolut Bank became a participant of the SME Corporation's umbrella guarantee program

April 03, 2023

Absolut Bank joined the mechanism of "umbrella" sureties provided by SME Corporation to small and medium-sized businesses. They cover up to 50% of the borrower's liabilities to banks and provide credit funds in case the entrepreneur lacks or does not have collateral. The size of an umbrella guarantee for a loan or several loans of one entrepreneur can reach 1 billion rubles. It is provided free of charge for borrowers. The mechanism applies to loans for working capital replenishment, investment purposes, business development and refinancing of previously taken loans.

Borrowers of Absolut Bank will be able to get a loan at a preferential rate under the umbrella guarantees under the Lending Incentive Program (LIP). It is implemented jointly by the Central Bank and SME Corporation and provides for a loan rate in the amount of the key rate of the Central Bank of Russia, increased by no more than three basis points.

The guarantee itself is provided at the bank simultaneously with the loan, and the borrower does not need to apply to the SME Corporation additionally. At the same time, the mechanism of "umbrella" guarantees allows the Bank to reduce risks on the portfolio of loans for small and medium-sized enterprises.

"The umbrella guarantee mechanism launched in 2021 has proven its effectiveness and demand. This is a mutually beneficial mechanism for banks and their SME borrowers: the credit institution receives a guarantee of repayment of issued funds, and the entrepreneur receives an opportunity to attract financing for new and existing projects on favorable terms. As a result, each party successfully solves its tasks without wasting resources and without distracting from priority processes," said Alexey Zhuravlev, Deputy CEO of SME Corporation.

"Absolut Bank is a participant of the SME Lending Incentive Program, as well as the programs of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. Within their frameworks, borrowers can get preferential financing. Today state support measures are an important engine of economic development, and we try to offer our clients the most effective tools to solve operational and strategic business tasks," said Pavel Trofimov, Managing Director of Absolut Bank.

Absolut Bank was awarded the RAEX diploma "For participation in standardization of public procurement processes for market participants"

February 17, 2023

Absolut Bank was awarded a diploma in the special nomination "For participation in standardization of public procurement processes for market participants" at the X conference "Electronic Trading Platforms in Russia - 2023" The event was organized by RAEX rating agency (RAEX-Analytics).

RAEX rating consortium noted the contribution to the development of the e-procurement market of Absolut Bank. In 2022 period only, the bank expanded the line of bank guarantees, introduced predictive models for participants of public procurement to increase the chances of getting through tenders, improved the procedure of working with non-standard bids, expanded the list of partners - electronic platforms and implemented other improvements, set new quality standards of guarantee services for government and commercial contracts.

Let us remind you that Absolut Bank issued over 109.3 thousand bank guarantees totaling RUB 105.4 billion in 2022. Compared to last year, the bank increased the volume of issued guarantees by 63%. In total, over the six years of the project's existence, the bank issued 717.2 thousand guarantees totaling RUB 345.5 billion on the A.Finance platform.

Absolut Bank received the "Bank of the Year - 2022" award in the nomination "Digital Leader. Services for Business" nomination

January 27, 2023

Absolut Bank received the award "Bank of the Year - 2022" in the nomination "Digital Leader. Services for Business" nomination, established by BankInformService, a leading banking market information agency in Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region (according to Medialogy, it was included in the top 20 most quoted Russian financial media in 2022).

In the nomination "Digital Leader. Services for Business" nomination, the organizing committee evaluated the number of innovations introduced by the bank during the year in the sphere of online services for corporate clients and the scale of these actions. For example, the launch of a fundamentally new product " carried more weight" in the assessment than the expansion of the product line of an already existing product. Absolut Bank was recognized as the leader of 2022 due to the launch of several significant and large-scale projects that can have a significant impact on further business development. In particular, the bank launched a cloud-based digital factoring conveyor, added a service for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs to open online deposits from accounts in other banks, updated the loan conveyor for legal entities, simplifying the application process, became one of the first banks to test services on the Yandex Cloud platform, and others.

The Bank of the Year rating is compiled annually. Its main principle is maximum objectivity. To this end, it uses a variety of metric indicators, including consideration of banks' actions, interaction with, and readers' interest in the banks' products and news.