Absolut Bank - Steps of Development

2020 - 2022

  • Launch of new projects: fully remote mortgage transaction and digital factoring on the Bank's service platform.
  • Absolut Bank maintains a stable base of funds raised: by the end of January 2022, the volume of funds of customers who are not credit institutions reached 200 billion rubles. The total capital for F123 increased by 12.2% and amounted to 33.8 billion rubles.
  • Absolut in the TOP-10 of the best banks in the CXCI*
  • Leader in terms of the volume of guarantees provided under government contracts in the segment up to 10 million rubles and top 3 in the segment up to 50 million rubles

* - quality of work and culture of relationships between banks and their customers

2018 - 2019

  • Implementation of new business strategy with focus on high-technology development in priority business segment
  • Online services of Absolut Bank in b2b format were able to simplify access to government orders for representatives of SMEs and significantly speed up the process of concluding mortgage transactions for developers and real estate agencies.


  • Absolut Bank launched online service: issue of bank guarantee for participants of state and public procurement


  • Absolut Bank increased its charter capital by 40% to RUB 4.186 billion by placing additional ordinary registered non-documentary shares.


  • Absolut Bank became the winner in the category "Effective Asset Management" of the national business award "Company of the Year 2014"


  • The merger of Absolut Bank and KIT Finance Investment Bank completed


  • Acquisition of Absolut Bank by structures of NSPF "Blagosostoyanie" - a major non-governmental pension fund of Russia


  • Launch of new products: credit cards, endowment life insurance, unallocated bullion account


  • Absolut Bank launched a new product “Package Offers”, recognized by the “RBC. Rating" the best on the market. The bank returned to the TOP-5 leaders in terms of issued mortgage loans


  • Absolut Bank entered the TOP 5 management companies. Absolut Bank operates within the framework of a new development strategy. Absolut Bank became the winner of the Brand of the Year/EFFIE award in the field of marketing communications. Chairman of the Board Absolut Bank N.V. Sidorov is recognized as one of the most influential financiers in the country according to the Bankir.ru portal.


  • Absolut Bank was assigned with Principal Member status in Visa International S.A. payment system
  • The Bank joined the All-Russian ATM and Cash Points Network "Unified Settlement System" (ORS)
  • Absolut Bank entered the Top-10 among reliable banks according to Forbes journal


  • 74 offices in 24 regions of Russia. Absolut Bank entered the TOP-10 most reliable banks in Russia.


  • Absolut Bank became a member of a large European financial group KBC Group
  • Regional network of the Bank doubled. It included 72 market outlets in 24 regions of the country
  • Entry into the TOP-10 most reliable banks in the country.
  • Doubling the size of the bank's business.


  • Absolut Bank successfully placed two-year RUB 1 billion bond issue on MICEX (Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange)
  • The Bank successfully placed its debut dollars denominated Loan Participation Notes in the amount of USD 150 million. The volume of eurobonds issue increased up to USD 200 million by additional issue
  • Opening of offices in Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Kazan and Omsk.
  • Attracting an annual syndicated loan from foreign banks.
  • Placement on the domestic market of a two-year bond issue in the amount of 1 billion rubles.


  • International Finance Corporation (IFC) became the shareholder of Absolut Bank. Member of the World Bank Group comprised 7.5% of the Bank’s capital
  • Active regional network development of the Bank, offices launched in Saint Petersburg and cities of Moscow region
  • The Bank signed USD 52 million Trade Related Finance Facility Agreement
  • EBRD increases Bank’s guarantee exposure up to USD 35 million
  • KfW and Absolut Bank signed the Loan Agreement that provided USD 10 million credit facility for 7 years to refinance Bank's SME portfolio
  • Placement of short-term international notes for the total amount of USD 37.5 million.


  • Absolut Bank became a participant of the State Deposit Insurance System
  • The Bank successfully attracted first USD 10 million syndicated loan arranged by Raiffeisen Zentralbank Osterreich AG, Vienna
  • EBRD included Absolut Bank into SME lending program given USD 10 million limit for 4 years
  • Establishment of the first bank management fund "Absolute Trust".
  • Placement of the debut issue of ruble bonds on the MICEX.
  • Opening of branches in the years. Podolsk, Korolev, Vidnoe, Balashikha, Lyubertsy, Zelenograd, Naro-Fominsk and Mytishchi.
  • Moving to the Central Office on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.


  • The Bank became the 11th Russian bank included to EBRD Trade Facilitation Program


  • Opening of the first additional office "Baumanskoye".


  • Absolut Bank obtained Central Bank's General license for banking operations
  • State Customs Committee included Absolut Bank in the list of organizations-guarantors in favour of customs bodies


  • Absolut Bank joined VISA international payment system


  • The Bank joined the National Currency Association


  • Absolut Bank obtained license for operations involving precious metals
  • The Bank joined Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX)


  • The Bank obtained professional securities market participant license
  • Absolut Bank obtained license for direct correspondent relations with foreign banks
  • The Bank began to attract retail deposits and conduct bank transactions in rubles and foreign currency


  • Absolut Bank began operations using Reuters Dealing system
  • The Bank registered its Depositary


  • Absolut Bank obtained Central Bank's license to perform foreign currency transactions

22 APRIL 1993

  • The Central Bank of the Russian Federation registered a new financial and credit institution "Absolut Bank" under registration number 2306 and granted the License to perform banking transactions in local currency